Five Reasons to Give to a Community Foundation

  1.  Local Expertise: We are a hometown organization with strong ties to the community.  Our staff and Board of Directors are comprised of people from the Boone County area with knowledge concerning community issues and needs.  We can help you learn more about local agencies and programs and direct your charitable gifts to the areas you desire.  You can be sure your donation benefits your community.
  2. Simplicity:Your contribution has the ability of addressing a number of different needs and benefitting many charitable organizations.  Yet, you do not have to decide the purpose for your donation. The Foundation has the ability to address the changing needs of the community and concentrate your gift where it would be most beneficial.  We also make giving easy and flexible by accepting a wide variety of gifts.
  3. Security:  Our funds are managed by professional investors through The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, who has been managing funds since 1969 with a successful track record.  The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation is the largest foundation in West Virginia, currently holding funds in excess of $225,000,000.
  4. Ongoing:  Your gift becomes one of many that are pooled together with the other funds from the Boone County Community Foundation as well as The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation.  So, your gift is not just the face value of your donation, your gift earns interest based on the value of the total funds pooled together, thereby increasing the amount of grants it creates.  Your gift can never lapse unless you designate otherwise.
  5. Tax Benefits:  Our Foundation as well as our affiliate partner, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, are considered public charities under IRS tax law.  Because of this, you are qualified to receive the maximum tax deduction for your gift.